YouTube and Internet Marketing Mastermind Course title card


If you're looking for a way to grow your YouTube channel and make passive income on the internet then The YouTube & Internet Marketing Mastermind is HERE!  Finally, things have changed in our economy and the people that can adapt will win.  In 2017, I saw more and more people using YouTube as a search engine.  I knew if I could position myself on the 2nd biggest search engine in the world then maybe my business would grow.   So I decided to take it seriously and now we're almost at 55,000 subscribers and 5 Million views.  

YouTube & Internet Marketing

I'm usually teaching real estate, but I feel like it's imperative that share with you another income stream that can be very lucrative and is a requirement for today's Entrepreneur & that's social media and the internet.  Today there's no excuse if you're not using the  internet to make money.  GONE are the days of going to college to get a job to get wealthy.  Tim Ferris, author of the "Four Hour Work Week" talks about how the New Rich(NR) make money despite time AND/OR location. 

Join me to learn what I've done since 2017 to get over 70k subscribers on my Youtube Channel and bring in huge amounts of income with these strategies I've been studying since 2010...  I promise, if I can do this (and I hate social media) then if you're willing to work hard there's no reason to leave the internet off your list of income producing streams.  

List Pulling & Text Blasts

If you're looking for a way to contact huge lists of motivated sellers with the click of a button using text messaging, Dutch Jackson has the solution for you!  Dutch is a new Wholesaler out of Dallas, TX & When he showed me how he's pulling the lists and skip tracing, I immediately thought this would be good for my Roundup Fam to have.  

Dutch will give you a complete overview of his Text Blast software and walk you step by step how he's using technology to communicate w/ these motivated sellers and close deals without being a computer geek. I didn't know it, but a lot of this stuff is on autopilot using the software.... This Training Module will give you Dutch's secret strategy he used to close 20 deals in his 1st year!