Welcome to my Recommended Books

Below are some of the books that shaped my mind, and made me the human I am today.

They're books on business, money, investing, life, philosophy, mindset, negotiating, real estate, and personal growth.  I found out the secret to reading more is buying the book as soon as I see it, even though I may not be ready to read it at that specific time.  

YES, I make a very small amount from referring you to these books, but I've put the time into creating this suggested reading specifically to help you achieve success, become a winner and to raise your financial literacy!!

“Reading Is Essential For Those Who Seek To Rise Above The Ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

by Steve Cook

This book helped me realize what was truly important in life.  Once I stopped thinking about how to get more money, then it seemed like business started to come my way, faster and easier!

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor
by Gary Keller

I can't believe I actually met Joe Arlt, one of the Millionaire real estate investors in this book back in 2005 at my local REIA.  When he told me how many houses he owned, I simply didn't believe him.  Now, I get to speak to him regularly and introduce you to his story profiled in this book! 

Barron's Dictionary of Real Estate Terms
by Friedman, Harris, and Lindeman

This is the Little Green book you see me reference in all my videos.  It contains most of the real estate definitions you'll need to put your deals together!

What Makes the Great Great
by Dennis P Kimbro

It helps to hear stories from other successful people to clarify and confirm that our journey isn't as hard as it seems.  The great leaders & Entrepreneurs outlined in this book helped me to focus and get a better vision of my future!

Think & Grow Rich, A Black Choice
by Dennis P Kimbro and Napoleon Hill

I'm ashamed I didn't read this until recently.  Understanding success does come to people that look like me, it's just not outlined in the mainstream media OR our public schools.  I never knew there were so many successful African American Entrepreneurs until this book came into my life.

How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships
by Leil Lowndes

If you've ever struggled to connect with someone and communicate successfully, this is a great place to start learning the skills you need. Learn how to make a better first impression, establish credibility, and much more.