One-Time Consultation

Hey my friend,

First, I want you to know how honored I am that you consider me a viable resource for your real estate investing, training & coaching. You truly have the world at your fingers with the internet and you’ve made the assertive decision to ask ME. I’m grateful!!!!  I’d love to simply agree on a time together and make it happen, but unfortunately several peeps in the past reserved my time, then canceled right before the session which really throws off my day. 

I have to charge upfront, I’m truly sorry. 

How it works now is after you invest in the session, we’ll set up a time via email that’s good for the both of us and then we’ll crank out an action plan for you on a video call together.  It works well when you have specific questions or ideas you’d like to discuss so we can be effective. If this is something you’d like to roll with, simply click the button to the right and invest in your education. 

I’ll email you once you’re checked out!

Let's work together!

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