The Landlord's Guide to Section 8 Housing

If you're looking for a way to guarantee the rents will come in each and every month on time, then Section 8 is for you.  Back in 2006, at the end of every month I'd get stomach aches staying up at night wondering who was going to pay rent or not.  After months of living on the edge and lost rents having to pay the mortgages out of my own pocket, I said "There's got to be a better way". 

That's when I heard about Section 8 housing, the Housing Choice Voucher Program.  This is where the Government subsidizes the rent for low income families.  I'd heard bad things about these people but I quickly found out NONE of it was true and the people on this program were really good people, they simply didn't have enough income to pay the over inflated rents in this country. 

The Real Estate Negotiating Bible

Finally, a book to explain the secrets to getting a seller to accept your ridiculously low offer. Never be terrified to talk to a home owner again. The real estate negotiating bible takes all the mystery out of negotiating a great deal.  Have you ever been scared or worried about a seller thinking you're a fraud OR won't be able to perform on a purchase contract? Well, I've been there too and it's not fun.  Each seller is different and we'll need to plan out attack according to that seller. Learn all of my covert strategies that have allowed me to buy houses for over 15 years in this one book.  Finally, a book for real estate investors!

Construction Estimator & Contract

Since 2004, I’ve been on the hunt to find the best information, tools and skills to make my house flipping business run smoother.   Having lost tens of thousands of dollars to bad contractors, I sat down with my banker and developed my own construction estimator tool based on a local lender in my town.   The excel document you are about to invest in has been time tested and I use it on every house I buy , fix-up and sell.  It covers every aspect and scope of renovating a single-family house so we don’t have to remember it all, because I don’t trust my memory.   This estimator asks all the questions you need to cover with your contractor including: plumbing, framing, electrical, framing, painting, flooring, sheetrock, roofing siding, etc. etc... so you won’t have to be held hostage by a contractor again. Remember one of Napoleon Hill’s top 10 rules of success is “making sure we cover ALL the details”…  It’s all covered here..  This is an excel spreadsheet to track your repairs!

Ninja Negotiating - 11 Module Series

I've taken my experiences negotiating real estate since 2004 & boiled it down to 11 different Modules to bring you the best secret words, hypnotizing phrases and covert questions that will program your seller to say YES to your offers.   Let me ask, have you ever went to look at a house, talked with the seller, and know you had a bargain, but you just didn’t know the exact words to close the deal??!