Ninja Negotiating 11 Module Series

I've taken my experiences negotiating real estate since 2004 & boiled it down to 11 different Modules to bring you the best secret words, hypnotizing phrases and covert questions that will program your seller to say YES to your offers.   Let me ask, have you ever went to look at a house, talked with the seller, and know you had a bargain, but you just didn’t know the exact words to close the deal??!

The Real Estate Negotiating Bible

Finally, a book to explain the secrets to getting a seller to accept your ridiculously low offer. Never be terrified to talk to a home owner again. The real estate negotiating bible takes all the mystery out of negotiating a great deal.  Have you ever been scared or worried about a seller thinking you're a fraud OR won't be able to perform on a purchase contract? Well, I've been there too and it's not fun.  Each seller is different and we'll need to plan out attack according to that seller. Learn all of my covert strategies that have allowed me to buy houses for over 15 years in this one book.  Finally, a book for real estate investors!

Private Money Training Module

This training includes my Private Money Master Class, my exact 27 page document I've used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for my real estate business & my Deed of Trust/Mortgage & Promissory Note to set it all up with your lender.  This training is for people that want to buy, flip and/or hold houses by using money from ordinary people just like you and me. 

How To Get PAID Flipping Houses You Never Own

Available as a hard copy book or as a 4 hour audiobook that walks you step by step how to wholesale houses in any city in the US. The tips, strategies, flow charts & systems included in this book have been time tested for over 10 years. You won't need a down payment or a large check to get started wholesaling houses in the next 30 days. Quickly get your real estate systems in place to get leads coming in. This book supplies all the documents and contracts you'll need to wholesale your 1st house. It also covers 3 other profit centers: Buying subject to, Owner Financing, and Lease Options which every real estate investor should have in their tool box other than wholesaling.