LLC Master Class Including Documents

We finally got our act together. Attorney Jessica Segal and I have both been working to put together a class to walk you step by step how to create, set up, and fill out your own LLC Operating agreement so you don't have to hire an attorney.  She's been practicing law for over 20 years doing asset protection and now, thanks to her generous heart, she's agreed to offer her full LLC Operating Agreement to the Roundup Family for a fraction of what she charges her clients.  She's going to walk you step by step how to fill it out and use it properly to avoid the mistakes she's seen over her career.  Follow along with the Operating Agreement download inside as Jessica shows you how to fill it out!  

Land Trust Document Packet

First, I want to congratulate you for taking the time to think about your future. We know that buying and owning houses in our name, or even in our company name is just not the smartest move in this game of success. Further, it leaves us open to frivolous lawsuits, I’ve been there. Since 2004, I’ve made it a practice to study other successful real estate investors and copy what they’ve done. I’ve learned from some giants in this business and now I get to spread the word about investing the “right” way.  Once you download the Land Trust documents you can then own your houses inside a trust which keeps your name OFF PUBLIC RECORD. I mastered this technique back in 2010 and have been doing it ever since. 

I’m going to send you the exact docs I use and an example of how the deed looks once it’s recorded.  Just follow the link below and the docs will be automatically emailed to you.  

This document package includes:

"Subject to..." Document Packet

Stop worrying about qualifying for a bank or mortgage loan.  With  these 5 simple documents you won't  have to beg a lender to approve your loan.  We don't turn in Tax returns, bank statements, credit reports or even a loan application in my world and I want the same for you.  We simply step in and take over the sellers payments, but you must do it the right way.

You'll be able to set up your next "Subject To" deal with your seller and forget about guaranteeing debt!

This document package includes:

Lease Option Document Packet

Years ago, every month it felt like I was playing a slot machine worrying about whether my tenants would pay their rent or not.  It’s probably how I lost most of my hair.  Each month, I’d hope and pray my rents would come in.  One day my mentor, Lonnie Scruggs, told me about Lease Options back in 2007 and I decided to give it a try.  He told me to get out of the rental repair business and get into the money collecting business. To me, it just didn’t make sense to stay up, each and every first of the month because I couldn’t sleep worrying if I was going to be able to pay my bills based on my tenants paying their rent.

     Well, I’m glad to say I finally gave this a try.  Yes, I was completely skeptical about renting ugly houses to tenant buyers.  I thought we, as good land lords, should make our rental property pretty to attract the best quality tenants??  Boy was I wrong.  I want you to get out of the rental repair business too, and Lease Options are the way to do it.  Below is the link to satisfy your investment in my Lease Option documents.  The docs will be sent to your email address automatically so you can download them & set up your next Lease Option the right way. 

This package includes:

Joint Venture/Partnership Agreement Documents

Use this document you need when you're doing partnerships or any business with another person where specific contributions, duties & scopes of work need to be clearly defined.  If you want to do a partnership with another real estate investor but don't have the proper contract in place, this training is for you!!!  

After weeks of digging in law books, going back and forth over video phone, cutting and pasting, Attorney Jessica Segal and I have a Joint Venture Agreement that is bullet proof.  From practicing law for over 20 years, Jessica has done her share of litigation in the state of New York. 

Deal Insurance/Memorandum of Contract Packet

If you're anything like me, you don't want to worry whether your seller will actually show up to closing.  I had about a dozen sellers change their mind or sell to somebody else while under contract with me when I finally said, ENOUGH! How can I prevent these home owners from backing out of a signed contract.

Hence, I created, with the help of several attorney’s, my deal insurance document. The real terms is the Memorandum of Contract.  Once your seller signs this, there is NO selling their house without your permission. What you’re about to get from me is a time tested, proven system that will secure your contract against any seller changing their mind after they agree to sell to you.

This package includes: